Hi! I’m Bree!

I’ve spent the last 5 years honing my computer skills as a co-founder of the non-profit, The Magic Yarn Project. I’ve developed our online image, branding, website, print work, swag, video tutorials, social media ads, media for Press, and infographics. Prior to, I was the Mountain Marketing Manager for Alyeska Ski Resort. In between positions I had 3, wild Alaskan kids!

Obviously, the Magic Yarn Project has given me considerable experience in multiple areas! It all began as a small idea to make a few wigs and in just 5 years we’ve delivered over 27,000 wigs to 55 countries (all for free) and have a following of 40,000 volunteers, worldwide. I’m the pixel princess of the organization and am now branching out to use commissions from Snowbrrd Multimedia for financial support while I continue to volunteer to a help little cancer fighters.

My love of play bleeds into my work and I feel most inspired with fun projects. I’m always positive to work with and it’s impossible to offend me with edit requests! My job is to create something YOU love and I recognize that your happiness is my ultimate goal.

When I’m not playing on computers I can be found playing with my kids and 2 dogs, outside skiing, running, biking, and hiking (or re-watching The Office)!